Directions and Parking

Most public parking in downtown Columbus is regulated and not free.

Only about 150 feet north of the Athenaeum is the city-owned 4th & Elm Garage. Because many of the streets around the Athenaeum are one-way, we recommend that you study a map to familiarize yourself a bit as you plan your trip.

Parking is also available on the surrounding streets but beware of the newly established guidelines issued by the city of Columbus. METERS HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM THE CURBS. PAYMENT IS NOW THROUGH A MOBILE APP OR WIDELY SPACED SIDEWALK KIOSKS. WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THE APP BEFORE YOU TRAVEL DOWNTOWN. Again, consulting the city’s guidelines makes this relatively easy, but encountering it for the first time with no warning can be daunting.

Wheelchair access is available on the south side of the building, i.e., the Lynn Street side.